Golden Ears Provincial Park

We have been staying with a friend of Chris’ in Maple Ridge, about 50 minutes east of downtown Vancouver. Today we visited the nearby Golden Ears Provincial Park. According to our host (and Wiki), the Golden Ears refers to the prominent twin peaks of Mount Blanshard. What we thought would be a quick visit before lunch turned into more as we took in the stunning scenery. The sun was kind to come out and add beauty to the forest and warmth to our fingers!

Golden Ears Provincial Park Golden Ears Provincial Park

Where did the canoe go Mikayla?

Where did the canoe go Mikayla?

Mikayla playing with the rocks

Mikayla playing with the rocks

The adventure 1-4                  The adventure 1-11

The adventure 1-15

Yes, the water is actually this green!

The adventure 1-8
The adventure 1-7The adventure 1-14


11 thoughts on “Golden Ears Provincial Park

  1. Beautiful…loving the idea of seeing what you are up to through photos. I look forward to the next ‘blog’/photo shoot. 🙂 Hope you are all going ok. 🙂


  2. Hi Cill and Chris, this is cousin Joyce. Was just thinking about you guys yesterday, wondering when you were leaving for Canada. Wow park looks amazing. What a fantastic opportunity you all have been given. Enjoy and keep sending photos please. I will show these to Aunty Patsy and uncle John. We are off to Faye’s daughters 21st today. So hopefully will be able to show your lovely photos to my family. Love Joyce

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