Family day & a walk in North Vancouver

Monday was Family Day in BC and a public holiday.

A family day family selfie

A family day selfie

We headed to a free indoor picnic at the local community centre – an interesting event where the food ran out 20 mins in. But Mikayla enjoyed herself, making a rock pet, playing in straw and eating cake (a favourite pastime).

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3

Later in the day, I went for a wander along the waterfront in North Vancouver and Chris did a little work. The waterfront here is not quite what I expected. I had thought of a lovely running / walking track or a bit of glam (thinking Docklands). Instead, the area is mostly quiet and variably under construction. Of course the dull grey late afternoon might not have helped.

Here is what I found on my walk….

A walk in NV-11

What a view….! Maybe better than what is coming though – a high rise apartment building

A walk in NV-12

Who climbs up to do this graffiti?

        A walk in NV-10

Might end up here for an exercise session one day

A walk in NV-9

A seagull apparently

A walk in NV-4

A walk in NV-5

A walk in NV-2

A walk in NV-13

A walk in NV-14

A walk in NV-7

A bubble machine – have you seen anything like this??

A walk in NV-15

Our first restaurant experience in North Van and already a favourite

A walk in NV

The least glamorous side of North Van


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