Collecting our new car!!!

Is this interesting enough to post about?? I’m not sure. But I can tell you we are very excited to get a car! No more walking from the Salvos with tables and kids toys… in the rain. No more food shopping and walking 1200-ish metres with the food…. in the rain. In fitting with this not particularly glamorous start to our living in Canada, was our trip to collect the car. It consisted of walking to the quay, catching the sea bus (ferry) to downtown Vancouver and then the skytrain and walking to our destination… all fitted out with a car seat on top of the pram! Thankfully (and surprisingly) it was not raining.

Collecting the car-7

Collecting the car-8

The sky train is a monorail – type mode of transportation which rattles along very noisily. The carriages are tiny, but the trains come very often, so it doesn’t matter too much.

Collecting the car-4 Collecting the car-5

Catching the sky train is a good way to see some pretty and some less glamorous aspects of metro Vancouver. Because you are up above, rather than on the train tracks you get a good view of the neighbourhoods as you pass by. There is a system of waterways in and around Vancouver, both rivers and the harbour, which all appear to be functioning / industrial. The following two pictures are taken through the train window and show some of the industry.

Collecting the car-3

Collecting the car-6

Mikayla and Chris looking contemplatively out the window:

Collecting the car Collecting the car-2

Collecting the car-9Collecting the car-11

 The process of buying the car includes an insurance broker coming out to facilitate registration and insurance on the car. New licence plates are put on the car with every sale. It takes a while, resulting in Mikayla colouring and cutting up brochures…!

The car (with very dodgy office – trailer in the background):

Collecting the car-10

And lastly, we were incredibly lucky to receive a free CD…. Ummm, or not so lucky?!

Collecting the car-12


2 thoughts on “Collecting our new car!!!

  1. Mik looks like she’s in a race in the first picture in her pusher; and very pleased with herself with her activity at the office and then in her new car seat! I hope you have listened to that CD with great attention!! Enjoy your new car!


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