Granville Island

We had a fantastic day yesterday touring Vancouver on the Big Bus hop-on hop-off. We didn’t do that much hopping-on-off, but we got to look around the city along with a commentary. We still have another pass to do this again, so we’ll see some other things then. My favourite part of the day was looking around Granville Island, which is just south of the CBD. The bus tour also drove through the city, West End and part of Stanley park.

Granville Island

Taken from their website, Granville Island is: “A living, breathing urban oasis filled with fine waterfront restaurants, theatres, galleries, studios, unique shops, cafes and the most spectacular fresh food market you’ve ever seen.”

The roads were constantly busy. Inside, the roads consisted of 1 lane alley type roads and parking. There is no way I will be driving in there!

Granville Island-13

The outdoor areas were also busy on this beautiful sunny winters day:

Granville Island-4

Inside the market itself were amazing arrays of food. There were also plenty of jewellery, photography and craft stalls, but I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures of these. One photographer had a large picture of gum trees – which she told me was from “The Dandenongs, near Melbourne”…. Amusing!

Granville Island-2

Granville Island-3

Granville Island-6

Granville Island-7

Granville Island-5

And my favourite place of all, was a little bakery called “A bread affair“. I think I probably had the best sandwich of my life (Goat’s cheese, mustard, pear and spinach), and cookies which were definitely the best I have ever had! Cookies are not usually my thing, but….! We sat out eating out lunch and were serenaded in French.

Granville Island

It happened to be a winter festival the day we were there, so there were a mix of random performers parading the streets. These drummers were great:

Granville Island-10

Granville Island-11

And a couple of other things from around the island….

Granville Island-8

Granville Island-9


Definitely a place we’ll be going back to!



3 thoughts on “Granville Island

  1. Feels weird I was just talking to you while you were writing this and here it is – technology is amazing! Those berries just look so scrumptious! And those little cakes – yum!


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