Lynn Canyon Park

So many walks and places to see. Thankfully, the weather has been very kind to us – unless you remember that I was wanting to learn how to hurtle myself down snowfields while in Canada. But I am choosing for forget that and enjoy the beautiful crisp sunny days. Saturday took us to Lynn Canyon Park, a beautiful canyon through which travels a river, large deep pools of water and waterfalls. It was frosty in the forest air and definitely not pram friendly! I had a good 15kg stair climb at the end of the walk….! Chris though did the bulk of the carrying, once little miss decided she didn’t want to walk.

Lynn Canyon Park-5

The canyon is traversed by a slightly scary suspension bridge:

Lynn Canyon Park-8

The water in the canyon varies from deep pools, a gentle river and thundering waterfalls. People swim here in summer and there are multiple warnings about how dangerous the water can be. As if the freezing cold water wasn’t enough to put me off!

Lynn Canyon Park-3

Lynn Canyon Park-9

Lynn Canyon Park-11


The above photo is looking directly down from another bridge, pictured below:

Lynn Canyon Park-12


The trees are toweringly tall:

Lynn Canyon Park-4

Lynn Canyon Park-7

Lynn Canyon Park-2


In all of the forests here, moss seems to grow on all surfaces. I guess this is due to the high rainfall of the area? It is beautiful, whatever the reason.

Lynn Canyon Park-10

Lynn Canyon Park

Cutest kid ever?

Lynn Canyon Park-6


Thanks for reading!


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