A quick trip to Squamish

On Sunday morning, Chris announced he’d like to drive to Seattle today, after church. We ended up deciding the 3 hour driving time might be a waste of the afternoon, so decided on Squamish instead. Squamish is a medium-sized town (just under 20,000 people) located about 50 minutes north of Vancouver. The drive up is nothing short of spectacular, although stopping points are far between and seem to often have a stand of trees obliterating their view – trees which are not present for the rest of the drive!

We headed first to the Sea to Sky Gondola. The day was almost beautifully clear, with just a light haze in the air.

The Gondola


The views from the viewing platforms and suspension bridge were very nice.

Squamish 3





Does anyone know what happened to this tree???


These falls on the side of a nearby mountain seem not to be moving – frozen solid, mostly as a surprise as it was not that cold where we are. There were a few shaded ponds with the thinnest ice on them, which I was very excited to see, but which were so ugly even I did not photograph them…!

Squamish frozen waterfall

We then moved on to Shannon Falls. The falls were spectacular for the height from which they fall, but not really beautiful as many waterfalls are. The creek at the bottom was quite lovely though, again with light blue water.




To top it off, there was a beautiful sunset as we drove back to Vancouver. Somewhat hindered from taking a photo from the roadside – see aforementioned comments about trees, we ended up finding a residential street in the only town between here and there. Luckily, it has not been built-in yet.




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