Deep Cove

Saturday afternoon took us to Deep Cove, a small area on the eastern edge of North Vancouver and about a 15 minute drive. It still amazes us how many beautiful places are in North Vancouver! Deep Cove is known for DONUTS, walking trails and a lack of parking. The donuts alone are worth the drive – honey flavoured ball-donuts. Disappointingly, I didn’t think to take a picture of them. The donut place was crazy-busy.

The “beach” at Deep Cove… It seems people must swim here, given the life-saving chair.

Deep Cove

Contrary to what you think after looking at the picture, Deep Cove is beautiful. Another chair at another “beach”….

Deep Cove-5

This cheeky monkey climbed up here by herself….

Deep Cove-4

Spent time ignoring her parents (nothing new there)….

Deep Cove-3

Hanging around with Daddy….

Deep Cove-2

And running towards me for a hug.

Deep Cove-7

Cates Park, in the south of Deep Cove is a great park with playground, jetty and “beaches”

Deep Cove-6

The sunset was almost as good as Sunday nights at Squamish:

Deep Cove-10 Deep Cove-9 Deep Cove-8

We then headed back to Deep Cove proper for tea and some night photography:

Deep Cove-11 Deep Cove-12

Who knows what this weekend entails, I guess we’ll figure that out on Friday…. or something!


4 thoughts on “Deep Cove

  1. Glad you went to that night photography course Cill – great shots again – everyone is enjoying them so much – glad you can get out and enjoy so many places at the weekends!

    Liked by 1 person

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