Weekend in Seattle

On the weekend we took a quick trip to Seattle, planned at the very last minute (read… night before). We had a slow-paced weekend seeing some sights and eating some yummy food. Knowing we’ll be back some time made it easy to have a casual trip. Seattle is about a 3 hour drive from Vancouver, although this time definitely depends on the border crossing. Both our crossings took about 30 mins and were uneventful, but I am sure they could take a lot more time when unlucky.

Our first stop was in Duvall, a small town just out of Seattle. Duvall is cute, with lots of restaurants and cafes for a small place and yummy yummy ice-cream. This seat was outside a shop in Duvall:Weekend in Seattle

Snoqualmie falls are in the mountains, not far from Seattle metro area. An underground power plant was built under the falls in the 1890’s. The spray from the falls felt like rain even though we were quite a distance away.

Snoqualmie Falls

Alongside the road in Snoqualmie are some very old train bodies. Mikayla was not quite as excited by them as she would be by Thomas though….

It was a beautiful day in Seattle on Saturday and we headed to Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. Disappointingly, it is the wrong time of year to see Salmon, but they can apparently be quite spectacular here. The locks separate the lake system and the ocean, keeping the water levels in the lakes higher than sea level, while still allowing boats through.

We headed up the Skyview observatory for a great all round view of Seattle and surrounds.

Weekend in Seattle-12

The clouds on the day of our visit were beautiful. We headed to Kerry park in the afternoon for the view and a play in the playground and then headed back after tea for some evening photos.

Weekend in Seattle-10

Weekend in Seattle-14

Weekend in Seattle-17

Weekend in Seattle-18

At the evening trip, there was not one, not two, but three stretch vehicles filling the small suburban backstreet, along with groups of very cold girls in short skirts.

There was obviously something going on that we were not aware of… Unless Seattlites dress like this normally?

The highlight of most of our trips for Mikayla, are the playgrounds!

There was a bit more, but I’ll save those for another post…..

Where should we visit when we next head to Seattle?


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