Pike market and the tulip festival (Seattle, part 2)

We spent last weekend in Seattle on a very-last-minute trip! Click to read Part 1 of this post if you missed it.

Pike Market is the fish-throwing market – you may have seen it on TV (I had, but did not remember that it was in Seattle). They were not in particularly fine form on the day we were there, but I suspect that was because there were more watchers than purchasers. The action definitely picked up whenever there was a sale.

Apart from the fish, there was beautiful produce, lots of flowers, woodwork, good quality crafts and yummy eateries. The market was a bit smaller than I expected, but good quality.

Pike market and the tulip festival

The ‘restroom’ / ‘bathroom’ signs were very amusing… not entirely sure if they are meant to be funny though??! Clearly that child needs their diaper changed! FYI, if you ask for the toilets, people look at you strangely….

Restroom sign

On the way back home, we stopped in at the Tulip festival. It is funny, I have always lived very close to the Tesselaar tulip festival, in Australia, but have never been (in my memory anyway!). Now that we are in a different country – had to go check it out…!

I have to say I love tulips. The first bunch of flowers Chris gave me were purple tulips. This was somewhat by accident, as the bouquet was nothing like the one he’d selected online, but I loved it! The tulip farm we went to was reasonably basic, but with lots of beautiful tulips, in all shapes and sizes and colours. Entry is only $5 pp and the place was incredibly busy.


Pike market and the tulip festival-17

And a few more for those of you who love tulips!

Needless to say…we left with a bunch of beautiful purple tulips.


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