Some differences between Vancouver and Melbourne – Part 2

I started with the post some differences between Vancouver and Melbourne – Part 1 a couple of weeks ago. Here are some more…

Gumboots are acceptable attire and even a fashion item here in Vancouver. I may have to invest in a second pair of shoes next winter, if not a pair of gumboots… This winter and spring have been pretty dry, so I have coped in my one pair of sneakers!

Boots in Vancouver
In Vancouver, cheese is orange, white or marbled / both and BOTH contain food colouring to make it so. Hmmmm. And the shape of the blocks…


There is no Cold Rock Ice Creamery in Vancouver, but there is Marble Slab Creamery. As you can imagine we’re very excited to find this one! The big difference between the two is that you get UNLIMITED mix-ins at Marble Slab compared to paying for each and every one at Cold Rock. The mix-ins are perhaps not quite as good, but there enough good ones to make it work well. The ice-cream flavours are a bit more exotic here too.

North Van-4

Toddler car seats in BC can be rear-facing until 18kg (depending on the seat and shape of child) and all have a chest clip. Not sure why the chest clips aren’t standard in Australia, they stop Houdinis from getting out and also flatten out the straps over the shoulders.

Rear facing car-seats

Electricity… In my opinion, the light switches in Vancouver are big and ugly (first light switch). But I suspect that is just because I am used to something different. As a practical thing, it does make sense for them to be larger – they are harder to miss. The other thing is, they are up-side-down. Both of the light switches here are in the off position. Not sure why the difference. The electrical plates for plugging in appliances don’t have switches here, meaning you cannot turn appliances off at the wall. The lack of angles in the pins also means the plugs fall out easier, but it does mean that for a lot of plugs, you can put them in upside-down. I realise these are just examples of what they look like in both countries and they can vary a lot.

The blueberries are grown in Canada… For anyone not in Australia wondering the relevance, there was a recent frozen fruit scare with fruit from China due to Hepatitis A infections.

Differences between melbourne and vancouver 2-5

Toilets, just what you wanted to be reading about ehh? Oh wait, not allowed to call them toilets here. The toilet bowls are filled with water – this one is a poor example, but the only one I was prepared to photograph! A lot of toilets will have double this amount of water filling the bowl. The flush is usually a pull down lever rather than buttons on the top, except in public washrooms where automatic flush is the norm. And toilet paper… is called bathroom tissue.

Differences between melbourne and vancouver 2
Differences between melbourne and vancouver 2-2

Is this the only country in the world where the sport channels play back to back ice-hockey and curling??! Enough said… Chris has purchased himself a subscription to the AFL, just a pity most of the games are overnight…

Ice hockey

Well that’s enough for today. There’ll be a part 3 in a few weeks. Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts on these ones :).


2 thoughts on “Some differences between Vancouver and Melbourne – Part 2

  1. Little differences in culture are amazing and you can get yourself into all sorts of hot water just by being slightly off the mark in your terminology. When you get home you will have to go through the whole process again! Oh well, the price you pay for adventure.


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