Vancouver Island Part 2 – Tofino and Ucluelet

Welcome to Part 2 of our recent trip to Vancouver Island. If you missed Part 1, check it out…

From Port Alberni, we headed to Ucluelet on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Ucluelet and Tofino are reported as having abounding beauty. From what I can tell, most places in Canada seem to fit within this definition, but these towns were described as must visits.

We had a yummy lunch courtesy of Ukee Dogs and dessert across the road at a new bakery, whose name I don’t seem to be able to find… We then headed off to do the lighthouse portion of the Wild Pacific Trail. It was difficult to find information on the best part or parts of the trail to do (it is approx 8km long), so we chose the lighthouse section and a small length of the Brown’s beach section. The lighthouse itself was underwhelming, so much so I did not take a photo of it. The walk was very nice however with a seat about every 100m or so, we were stopping regularly for Mik to sit down.

Vancouver Island - Part 2-3

Lighthouse walk - Wild pacific trail

It is quite amusing that many people comment on the dangers of Australia’s wildlife, when these signs are common… “Keep children close at hand and in sight!”

Wild Pacific Trail - warnings!

It is the little details on these walks that I love. We are not sure what the spiky things are – they were filled with what looked like water. (If you want to view any of the composite photos larger, click on it to view in a slideshow)

We then drove up to nearby Tofino for the night. Tofino was a cute town which was on the water, but did not really have a tourist-style waterfront area. There was some beautiful scenery, but our fondest memories of Tofino are for the food ;). Shout out to Tacofino and Red Can Gourmet. On our full day there, we headed to the Pacific Rim National Park. Rainforest meets the beach.

Vancouver Island - Part 2-7

Moss grows on trees which grow on trees.

Vancouver Island - Part 2-8

We spent quite a lot of time looking for slugs…

Vancouver Island - Part 2-17

The beaches here were the first we have seen in Canada with sand. The beaches in Tofino and the national park were beautiful, but in a rugged way. It has taken me a little time to appreciate them – we are spoilt for beaches in Australia.

The kite surfers were out in full force

Vancouver Island - Part 2-19

Vancouver Island - Part 2-24

Vancouver Island - Part 2-25

Frequently, there are actually houses on the islands and spits… There is a house on the treed area on the right.

Vancouver Island - Part 2-20

There was a beautiful sunset the night we were in Tofino. Just a pity we weren’t still at the beach…

Vancouver Island - Part 2-26

Stay tuned for the final Part 3!


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