Vancouver Island Part 3 – Parksville to Victoria and home

Recently we journeyed across Vancouver Island. You can read about the earlier segments in Part 1 and Part 2. The next leg of our journey was from Tofino to Parksville. It was uneventful except for frequent vistas like the ones below. For these photos, I was standing in about the same spot, just turned around 180 degrees. Vancouver Island - Part 2-28 Vancouver Island - Part 2-27 Parksville is a small city and a good hub from which to see lots of attractions. The Little Qualicum Cheeseworks in Parksville is great and absolutely free to visit. There is a little herringbone dairy and a farmyard with sheep, donkeys, rabbits and cows. The climb-on tractors were also a hit with the kids. There were free cheese and wine tastings. I have found I don’t like the cheese in Vancouver as much as Australia, it is a bit taste-lacking, but at least the cheese at the Cheeseworks was not orange! Of course, the visit wasn’t completely free since we left with a couple of blocks of cheese, but still very good value.

Little Qualicum Cheeseworks

Mikayla loved playing at the Parksville Community Park…. and ‘feeding’ the ducks (rocks). The playground here is AMAZING!!

Our next quick stop was at Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park. The weather was superb, though cold still – glorious sunshine! Vancouver Island - Part 2-47 What a place to run… Vancouver Island - Part 2-48 Life is tough! Vancouver Island - Part 2-45 We had a quick chat with people at the beach and they mentioned a great spot to see starfish, but “it’s in Nanaimo”. Great thing we were just about to jump in the car to go to Nanaimo! If you’re looking for it, it is at the end of Sebastion Rd in Lantzville, just north of Nanaimo. The starfish were huge and beautifully coloured. Vancouver Island - Starfish At Nanaimo, we had a quick walk and look at the ocean, then headed for Trollers fish + chips. The next photo is from our seat on the pontoon. Great fish’n’chips and view! Vancouver Island - Part 2-53 Vancouver Island - Part 2-52 We headed through Ladysmith (closed on Sunday afternoon, so we didn’t stop) and Chemainus, a cute little town with murals everywhere and great garden in behind the sweet shop. We then moved onto Duncan for the night and through to Victoria (the capital of British Columbia). Just outside of Duncan was the Bright Angel Park, a surprising park with a short walk, suspension bridge (popular over here) and lots of little frogs!

‘Feeding’ the animals again… Vancouver Island - Part 2-58 Vancouver Island - Part 2-59 Vancouver Island - Bright Angel Suspension Bridge
We only had a short time in Victoria, so we went to Beacon Hill Park and the petting zoo and strolled along the waterfront downtown.

Then it was back to the ferry and home. The ferry weaves between islands; they had a surprising number of houses on them. Holiday or permanent? I’m not sure. Vancouver Island - Part 2-67   A slideshow from the ferry ride:

Vancouver Island - Part 2-71   We are planning on going back sometime, especially to Victoria, but maybe elsewhere – what did we miss?


2 thoughts on “Vancouver Island Part 3 – Parksville to Victoria and home

  1. Some more superb shots Cill – I have seen that ‘Life is tough’ stance many times – thanks for the reminder! Love the gull in your last photo and the island scenes and all of them – they are wonderful to see. I think Bouchet gardens are supposed to be good – not sure if they are Victoria or Victoria Island??? Thanks again – love your blogs!!


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