Whidbey Island – Church Camp

If you are anything like me, the thought of camp probably fills you with fear and trepidation, especially when you barely know anyone… But it turns out my fears were unfounded for our recent church camp. Our weekend away with what I will call the “Friendliest church in the world” was enjoyable and relaxing and we got to see a new different part of the world. Last weekend was the May long weekend – Victoria day, which represents Queen’s birthday (for the Aussies reading).

Whidbey Island is a small island north-west of Seattle accessible by bridge or ferry. We took the scenic route and travelled over the bridges. Deception Pass is a stunningly beautiful gap between Fidalgo Island and Whidbey Island, spanned by two bridges. The water was incredibly blue-green and we were lucky enough to see a sea-lion (or seal) for a second or two before it ducked back under the water.

Widbey Island-25

Widbey Island-26

Widbey Island-29

Widbey Island-28

The campsite itself was Lakeside Bible Camp and is situated, as the name suggests, on a lake. There was an all-important playground (at least if you have a toddler) with its own log cabin, various sporting facilities, canoes and boats, slide, swimming area and camp-fire. Our cabin would house 10 or 12 people and we had it to ourselves – luxury! The weekend was fully catered (felt like we moved between food, free-time and more food) and we even had table-service at mealtimes – wow!

Widbey Island-18

Widbey Island-20

Widbey Island-19

Widbey Island-21

Pickleball – a mix between tennis and table-tennis… I think… don’t actually know the rules!

Widbey Island-24

Widbey Island-8

There weren’t many swimming this weekend, but luckily there was a lifeguard on duty.

Widbey Island-7

And rock climbing… We tried it. I have to say, it wasn’t as much fun as I expected, maybe because it takes some practise. I first tried the easy wall and made it about half-way up. I then moved on to the medium wall, which ended up being easier than the easy wall as there was someone to hold my weight, meaning I could not fall. And I made it to the top – yay! Mikayla gave it a go, which was fantastic. I had not thought they would accommodate toddlers, but they were more than happy to.

Widbey Island-3

On Sunday afternoon we visited Langley a small touristy town close to camp. The glass blowing at the old fire station was interesting to watch and the bubble machine out the front drew in the children (bubble machines are everywhere over here – love it!). Widbey Island-11

Classic telephone boxes with variably intact phone books inside. I like this one for its rust. Widbey Island-13

Would you believe there is a place called Useless Bay? Well there is on the island! Widbey Island-12

We saw numerous caterpillars in Langley, apparently ‘tent caterpillars’. Widbey Island-14

Mikayla hiding behind the tree, after an ice-cream in Langley. Widbey Island-16

Mikayla loved playing at camp and made a couple of new friends (as did we!!). Widbey Island-9

Widbey Island-23   What do you think of when you think about camp? Do you think about fun or fear?


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