Capilano suspension bridge

Capilano suspension bridge-10

We drove up to the Capilano suspension bridge on Sunday afternoon to have a look around. We decided to go back on Monday, as the queue to get in was almost across the road! Capilano is the larger of the two main suspension bridges in North Vancouver, the other being at Lynn Canyon. Some of the locals look at you a little strangely when you say you are going to Capilano, since it cost $40 per adult for a visit, when Lynn Canyon is free. Luckily, as we live in BC, the daily entry fee gives us entry for the year, so assuming we go back, we get a little better value.

I felt like we were in a money-making machine. The attraction is obviously trying to value-add, by having the bridge, a tree-top walk, a boardwalk and a cliff-top walk. There were also at least 3 food / coffee places and a souvenir shop. The space of the park is quite small for the amount of different uses, making it feel a little jam-packed. There were a lot of people there even on a Monday and it was much less busy than the previous day.

This attraction is not for those scared of heights. The main suspension bridge wobbles. Quite a lot.

There were some seriously tacky signs: Capilano suspension bridge

Mikayla was thrilled, singing – “We’re going on an adventure” Capilano suspension bridge-3

The tree top walk: Suspension bridges between the tops (or middles) of big trees. Not for those scared of heights. Although if you are scared of heights you would not have made it across the main suspension bridge! Capilano suspension bridge-2

And a long boardwalk through the woods: Capilano suspension bridge-5

Capilano suspension bridge-8

“Sleeping” Capilano suspension bridge-9

The pond was full of fish: Capilano suspension bridge-4

The cliff-walk: Capilano suspension bridge-12

Looking down at the cliff-walk: Capilano suspension bridge-11

Looking down from the cliff-walk: Capilano suspension bridge-13

Deciding not to smile for the camera! Capilano suspension bridge-14

Some Aussies took a family photo for us. Just a pity it wasn’t a little more scenic.

To get a different perspective of the bridge, have a read of a friends blog from a recent visit. Obviously a little less cynical than I! The children were also a little more helpful with posing in the big tree!!


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