Deer Park Lake

You may remember a month or two I wrote a post about Burnaby lake. I may have been a little scathing about its lack of beauty and facilities. While I stand by my comments, I think I may understand why Burnaby lake is the way it is… because right next door is Deer Lake Park. At Deer Lake there is a boardwalk, groomed grass and while minimal, play equipment. One slightly odd feature is the lack of a circumferential track. You can get all the way around, but you will have to go on little bits of road to get there. The circuit is approximately 5km, depending on which tracks you take.

The geese are abundant and very friendly. And keen to be fed.
Deer park lake

Checking each other out:

Deer park lake-5

The water-lilies were also abundant.

Deer park lake-9

Deer park lake-10

Deer park lake - from May-4

I’d love to come back to this creek and get a photo near dusk. I may have to wait a few months though – it is light until after 9.30pm right now!

Deer park lake-6

Dad scoping for shots with his camera.

Deer park lake-7

The weather here is beautiful at the moment – clear days in the low to mid 20’s (Celsius).

Deer park lake-8

There are water-front houses and other houses looking down on the lake – the main reason (I think) for no circumferential path. We were here on a weekday morning, but I am sure the lake is very popular for water sports on the weekends.

Deer park lake - from May

Wild berry plants grow abundantly and seem to be trimmed with hedge-trimmers rather than removed.

Deer park lake-11

There is a small tended garden between the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts and Burnaby Art Gallery. The halls of the Shadbolt Centre also have some great paintings on their walls. In the background of the picture below is the Art Gallery.

Deer park lake-12

Spot the frog:

Deer park lake - from May-3

Daddy pointing out the frog:

Deer park lake - from May-2

Most of the lake and surrounds is beautiful. The edge from Sperling Ave however, not so much! This entrance is where to come for boat hire and the swings if looking for kids entertainment.

Deer park lake-3

We plan to go back and explore more as we only made it about half way around the lake. Not sure when we’ll go back though, because there are so many places to see!!!


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