Hollyburn Mountain – my first hike

Last weekend I made my first foray into hiking – Hollyburn Mountain. It was a nice, easy-going hike helped along by an easy-going pace. You might not think it an easy hike without a reasonable level of fitness, but definitely still doable. The hike begins at Cypress Mountain car park, one of the three ski mountains on the north shore area of Vancouver. I only took my small camera and (not particularly new) iPhone, so you’ll have to forgive the picture quality!

The view from the top was pretty amazing. When we left for the hike, there was not a cloud in the sky. By the time we made it to the top, there were lovely clouds – it made for a much more interesting skyline.

Hollyburn Hike-7

Hollyburn Hike

Hollyburn summit facing north:

Hollyburn summit panorama - facing north

Hollyburn summit facing south:

Hollyburn summit panorama - facing south

Our hiking group:

Hollyburn Hike-15

Hollyburn Hike-13

And…. (drumroll please)… I saw my first chipmunk! Very exciting. It was very tame and loving all of the hikers trail mix.

The ski runs look very ominous without snow and to be honest… quite ugly!

Hollyburn Hike-14

Hollyburn Hike-16

A pond in a meadow part way down

Hollyburn Hike-12

The mountains in the distance in the photo below were the only mountains visible from North Vancouver which were consistently covered in snow this last winter.

Hollyburn Hike-2

I enjoyed my first hike and I am looking forward to more in the weeks to come.


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