Canada Day – July 1st

July 1st is Canada Day and it is celebrated in style. There were red and white clothes and flags everywhere. The weather was amazing, as it has been every day lately. We started our celebrations at the North Vancouver Canada Day parade. Hundreds of red and white clad patriots lined the streets to watch the hour or more long parade.

The beginning of the parade: Canada day-3

Servicemen and emergency services were clapped through: (To view these larger, click on a photo and scroll through the photos)

There were some great bands, dancers, a garbage truck, a moving boxing ring, politicians (they were not clapped through!!) and a more than a few randoms!

The feeling when these Korean drummers walked past drumming in unison was amazing! Canada day-26I’m not sure where this girl fitted in, but she was cute!

Canada day-27

The nudists were there, thankfully not visible in the hot tub…!

 The penguin and lion had escaped their boxes….Canada day-20

Here are a few of others, that I just liked:

Canada day-14

Canada day-25

Canada day-6

Not sure about this one, but apparently they are a band….. A very eclectic bunch, who happened not to be playing when they walked past:

Canada day-24

Our little spot in the shade: Canada day-2

 We then headed down to Waterfront Park for some Canada Day Celebrations.

And finished it off with watching the fireworks from the bedroom. There is currently a tree blocking the view of the city from the balcony…..!

Our first Canada Day was a hit. It is great to feel the energy of a city united.


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