Norvan Falls hike

Last weekend our hiking group went to Norvan Falls. By the time we added a couple of detours (on purpose), the hike was a mere 19km. It was a fairly flat hike, mostly under the forest canopy – important on these warm summer days.

Our hiking group was small:

Norvan Falls Hike small-3

The sunlight managed to show through in places:

Norvan Falls Hike small

Norvan Falls Hike small-9

I wish I could tell you the name of these mountains, but although our hike leader Brian was incredibly knowledgeable, I didn’t take notes!

Norvan Falls Hike small-2

Our lunchtime view:

Norvan Falls Hike small-8

This stream was a refreshing break. The water is still quite cold. Further down, many were taking a swim, but they are a little braver than I!

Norvan Falls Hike small-4

Norvan Falls Hike small-5

The trails are marked by these small coloured tags:

Norvan Falls Hike small-10

Sometimes, the beauty is in the details. The blueberries below are wild blueberries and happened to be where we stopped for lunch, on the side of a dry creek-bed.

Norvan Falls Hike small-6

Norvan Falls Hike small-7

The falls themselves were fairly small. I am sure they would be more impressive in spring, especially after better snowfalls than were seen on the most recent winter.

Norvan Falls Hike small-12

Norvan Falls Hike small-11

I have decided to buy hiking shoes. My sneakers are looking worse for wear after the two hikes I have gone on. Enjoying this hiking thing, just a little!


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