Parksville sand-sculpting competition

On our recent visit to Vancouver Island we had an unexpected surprise in the Parksville sand-sculpting competition and exhibition. One thing I have loved about travelling around Canada in Summer is that no matter where you go, there is a festival on. And the crowds haven’t been completely off-putting although much much busier than when we travelled in spring.

Parksville sandcastles-10

The 2015 theme is Heroes and Villains. We were about half of the way around when I say something along the lines of “the sculptures seem very dark, sculptors must have a thing with baddies” not realising there was a theme. Oooops!

Parksville sandcastles-2

The entry donation for the exhibition was $2.50 per person and we were able to vote for one sculpture. When I first saw the one I voted for I was not super impressed, although it was very well done, it was one of those ‘dark’ sculptures:

Parksville sandcastles-9

Later I happened to see the other side and I changed my opinion – very impressive! This is the back-side of the hulk-looking thing.

Parksville sandcastles-3

Another of my favourites was this one. Mostly I was taken by the little trees and house to the left of the sculpture:

Parksville sandcastles-8

The next one was technically very well done (and won a prize for being so), but perhaps a little too deep for me?!

A couple of my other favourites:

Parksville sandcastles-6

Parksville sandcastles-7

The sculpture competition was great surprise find and next to one of the best public playgrounds we have ever seen. There were a few food trucks and the water playground was going, although with restricted hours due to the water restrictions. Definitely worth a visit if you are nearby.


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