Before going to Whistler, I had always been skeptical about how the mountain could be so amazing that people would brave the crowds and make the expensive trip to Whistler. But now I have been there… and I understand. I was amazed at how amazed I was by the visit! Whistler variably gets awarded “The best ski resort in the world” and Aussies are known to flock there. It is summer now, so a major ski resort it is not at the moment. But…. there was still skiing. Yes, in the middle of summer.

Whistler and Shannon Falls-29 The skiing takes place up the top of Blackcomb Mountain on a glacier. With, I am guessing, a fair bit of snowmaking going on. Blackcomb Mountain is right next door to Whistler Mountain and a part of the Whistler ski resort. On the a T-bar lift was going for general skiing.I can’t imagine the skiing was particularly outstanding, but a novelty no-less.

Whistler and Shannon Falls-34

Whistler and Shannon Falls-28

Whistler and Shannon Falls-37

We weren’t quite dressed appropriately for the snow, but it wasn’t too bad up there.

Whistler and Shannon Falls-31

It felt like we were on top of the world! There is something about snow that makes me very happy and excited. I can’t quite explain it!

Whistler and Shannon Falls-33

Chris accidentally fell of a cliff. Ooops!

Whistler and Shannon Falls-35

Other hikers went better – look in the middle left for two hikers. There are many hiking trails on the two mountains. This is something I would like to do next summer.

Whistler and Shannon Falls-26

The other very popular and busy activity at this time of the year is mountain biking. I’d be keen to have a go. Except that I am very conscious of the fact that I am way too much of a wuss to have much fun at this one! (click on the pics to view larger)

We saw our first marmot and of course there were chipmunks aplenty.

I love this sculpture so much, I couldn’t decide which photo to put in. So you got all of them!

The scenery was amazing – glaciers everywhere.
Whistler and Shannon Falls-36

Whistler and Shannon Falls-22

The obligatory tourist shots!

The gondola up Whistler mountain is very very long. You could then go further up Whistler on one of the few operating chair-lifts, or head across to Blackcomb mountain on the Peak to Peak. Your summer lift pass takes you on all of the open gondolas and chair lifts. Once on Blackcomb we took a shuttle bus to the peak chairlift and headed up on the chairlift to the top of the world! We left the toddler with the grandparents, since a previous, but recent experience with her on a chairlift made it all a bit to scary to consider again!

Whistler and Shannon Falls-18

Whistler and Shannon Falls-23

Lastly, the view while eating lunch was the night’s dinner. Hungry anyone?

Whistler and Shannon Falls-44

I began the day thinking that this would be our one trip to Whistler. I ended it wondering when we were going back!


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