The gardens at Beacon Hill Park – Victoria

The summer flowers at Beacon Hill Park are spectacular. I have always thought of Springtime as the time for amazing displays of colourful flowers, but there was nothing lacking from these flowers.

Beacon Hill Park-Victoria-7

Beacon Hill Park-Victoria-8

Beacon Hill Park-Victoria-5

Bees are reportedly in decline, but is sure doesn’t feel like it living in BC! (I only say ‘reportedly’ since I have not looked into this other than seeing blog posts / articles about this online – I suspect it is true and is a little scary…)

Beacon Hill Park-Victoria-6

We were lucky the rain from the previous day had stopped and the sun come out to shine for our visit to the gardens.

Beacon Hill Park-Victoria 2-2

Dew-drop waiting to fall:

Beacon Hill Park-Victoria 2

The gardens here are gorgeous and it made me wonder why people would pay $$ to go to the Butchart gardens when these ones are free. After now seeing the Butchart gardens, I maybe understand, but Beacon Hill Park is definitely worth a visit. There is also a mini farm / petting zoo there too, which is entry by donation and worth a visit if you have littlies. If you didn’t see the pics of the peacock at Beacon Hill, check it out here. He was stunning! Post from Butchart Gardens coming soon!


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