Shannon Falls

So it turns out I got a little behind with the blog posts. A while ago we took a mini-break up to Whistler, stopping in at Shannon Falls on the way. We have been to Shannon falls on a previous visit to Squamish, but we dropped in to show Chris’ parents who were with us. This is going to be mostly a family post, rather than scenery post. If you are interested in what the falls look like, check out our previous post on Squamish. Mikayla has a thing for walking on and in rivers. Its a good thing we carry 3 changes of clothes with us at all times. Cold water, not an issue!

Little M and daddy spent some time working on goofball island (an Inside-Out reference for those who have see the movie!).

The waterfall itself is very tall. There was a bit more water than last time we were there, but the glaring sunlight made it not so good for photography. The warmth compared to our trip in March meant that there were lots of tourists. I disappointingly missed a photo of about 10 people stopped mid-footpath to take a photo of the falls on their phones.

Whistler and Shannon Falls-6

Whistler and Shannon Falls-7

If you do go to Shannon Falls, be sure to use the river-side path and also go up to the second lookout. Most people were sticking to the concrete path and (IMO) missing the best parts!

Whistler and Shannon Falls-8

Mikayla calling Nanna on her hamburger phone:

Whistler and Shannon Falls-9

Doting Ma and Pa taking photos of said grandchild:

Whistler and Shannon Falls-10

Are three photographers in a group of five people too many??


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