Garibaldi Lake hike

The last hike with our hiking group was up to the impressive Garibaldi Lake. The hike up to the lake is approximately 7-8 kilometres of 5% grade, plus a few kms of flatter, lightly undulating ground through Taylor Meadows and then down into the lake itself. The total round trip we estimated to be 22.5 km going via the Meadows. For those who have not done much hiking a 5% grade is quite a lot steeper than it sounds!!

The day in August was overcast, with bouts of rain on the way up and solid setting-in type rain on the way down. But we were still able to experience the spectacular blue of the lake, with a glacier and fir tree background. The blue is apparently more impressive on sunny, blue-skied days.

Garibladi Lake Hike-4

Garibladi Lake Hike-5

Garibladi Lake Hike-9

Our hiking group for the day made for interesting conversations, stories and things to be learnt.

Garibladi Lake Hike-2

My favourite part of the walk through the meadows, were the wild blueberries growing alongside the path and the little rivers running through. We should have been able to see the Black Tusk from the meadows, but the weather meant it was shrouded with cloud.

Garibladi Lake Hike-3

The lake itself….

Garibladi Lake Hike-7

The wildflowers were gorgeous:

Garibladi Lake Hike-6

The glacier on the other side of the lake:

Garibladi Lake Hike-8

The campground was incredibly well hidden – I disappointingly did not think to take a picture of it, but you can kinda get the impression from a pic of this slightly crazy swimmer – only one person was braving the cold water on this cold August day. The campsite is what you can see on the other side of the lake…. there are individual tent sites dotted between the trees up the hillside! The only evidence of the campsite from the lake is the various signs along the lakeside path. Very well done!

Garibaldi campsite

The main hiking track was a busy one. The hike can be either a day hike as we did, or a hike to one of the campgrounds to use as a base for more hiking. The track out through the meadows was much quieter than the main one directly to the lake.

Garibladi Lake Hike-12

As always, I loved the moss on the trees:

Garibladi Lake Hike-17


Garibladi Lake Hike-14

Richard explaining what is behind this wall of cloud and rain… I might have been too busy taking photos of chipmunks and the group to listen. Sorry Richard!

Garibladi Lake Hike-15

The view once the cloud cleared very minimally. Hopefully the weather is better the next time I do this hike!

Garibladi Lake Hike-16

The walk downhill was wet and long. A 5% grade is almost as hard on the legs on the way back down, as on the way up. The very well-made path in some ways makes for an easier hike, but the lack of variability on the path can make specific parts of your legs and feet very sore.

Garibladi Lake Hike-18

Garibladi Lake Hike-19

Garibladi Lake Hike-20

We all enjoyed the hike – it is hard work, but a beautiful view at the mid-point. If you are heading to the campsite, consider heading out early as it is apparently quite busy over the summer. Love to hear your thoughts on the hike if you have done it yourself!


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