Bridal falls, BC

For those who don’t know, we recently had an epic trip up to the Rockies, Calgary, Edmonton and back again, for three and a half weeks. By the end of it we were definitely ready to come back ‘home’. The trip was amazing – we saw lots of beautiful sights and had fun along the way. The weather was mostly kind to us.

Our trip started on the Labour Day long weekend staying with friends at their cabin in Merritt. On the way out of Vancouver, we stopped at Bridal Falls. These lovely falls are a short walk from the carpark and well worth the minimal effort. We had sun-showers walking through the forest, leading to beautiful glistening on the leaves.

Bridal Falls

These falls were beautiful even at the end of Summer; we may have to go back in spring to see them with more water. They are also taller than you’d think from the photos. This is as close as you can get… if you listen to the signs (which we did!). Lots of people were walking up to the base of the falls.

Bridal Falls-4

Bridal Falls-2

Some enjoyed playing in the log more than the walk or falls themselves…

Bridal Falls-3

In one bush were numerous, noisy little birds, who barely stayed still long enough to be photographed! One helped me out.

Bridal Falls-5

Thanks for reading. For I’ll be putting out lots of little posts of the holiday instead of big chunks. There was so much to see, so I think it will be better than cramming it all together!


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