The Enchanted Forest

Hang on to your pants for the trip of a lifetime, down the yellow-brick road…

Enchanted Forest-19

Or a horse-ride if you’re keen….

Enchanted Forest-3

Scale high heights…

Enchanted Forest-21

And jump over the moon!

Enchanted Forest-9

The Enchanted Forest is a kid’s wonderland! Words cannot explain how much Mikayla enjoyed this little trip through the woods. And consequently, we enjoyed it too.

You are met at the gate by a spectacular dragon.

Enchanted Forest-2

You can choose to go to the guillotine if you want. I wouldn’t recommend taking your little kids downstairs in this area though… No, seriously. Don’t take them downstairs.

Enchanted Forest

Every rhyme, fairy tale and story is depicted here in variably sized structures and mini-scenes. This old-womans shoe, for instance, is a 3 story dwelling!

Three little pigs…

Enchanted Forest-4

Little Miss Muffet….

Enchanted Forest-12

Look out for Jack…

Enchanted Forest-29

Pooh bear is everyone’s favourite… isn’t he?

Enchanted Forest-16

Enchanted Forest-15

You can get fit climbing a tree house (Mkayla walked the whole way around the garden and up and down the tree house – amazing!).

Enchanted Forest-20

The amenities are easy to find…. hmmmm!

Enchanted Forest-11

Thankfully, there were no unexpected gifts along the way!

Enchanted Forest-14

Some of them were a bit cute…

Enchanted Forest-10

And others a bit creepy!

Enchanted Forest-24

Enchanted Forest-25

Not all were clear to me where they were from, but that doesn’t mean the kids don’t enjoy them.

Enchanted Forest-13

The obligatory little furry:

Enchanted Forest-22

We all looked longingly at the adventure playground and high-ropes course next door. We would have loved to go, but ran out of time. We also hoped to go on our drive back through, but it happened to rain that day. If we go back up to the Rockies, we definitely plan to go to the playground and ropes course.

Enchanted Forest-26

Enchanted Forest-23

Lastly, a small taste of home….

Enchanted Forest-28

If you are heading past Revelstoke, especially if you have children with you, do yourself a favour and go to the Enchanted Forest.


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