Salmon Arm

Salmon Arm is a cute town on the end of Shuswap Lake in BC. The lake has four main “arms”, with the town Salmon Arm being on the end of the lake’s Salmon Arm. Confused? This is a beautiful area with lake and mountain views and lots of fir trees. When we were staying up near here during summer, we went and heard a band called The Elk Tribe, who are also from Salmon Arm. We got their CD at the summer concert and have been enjoying it since.

The waterfront area at Salmon Arm with long pier is pretty and when we were there, quiet. I am sure it is busier over the summer break. The water was low as you can see in the photo below.

Salmon Arm

Salmon Arm-7

Salmon Arm-5

The pier curves around.

Salmon Arm-3

Salmon Arm-6

Fuel anyone?

Salmon Arm-2

Cheeky! Mostly doing the opposite of what was being asked of her!!

Salmon Arm-4

In the centre of town is also a small lake (<1km around) which is very pretty called McGuire Lake. The photos here don’t really do it justice, but I enjoyed our short walk around and having lunch at one of the picnic tables.

Salmon Arm-10

Salmon Arm-11

Suckers for all things cheese, we also went to the Grass Root Dairies. Mikayla got to pat the calves and some very young puppies. There was cheese for tasting and buying (which we did!) and other dairy products. A yummy stop along the way!

Salmon Arm-9

Salmon Arm-8


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