Revelstoke – Meadows in the Sky Parkway

We stayed in Revelstoke only one night and the town mostly stays in my memory as our first  accommodation with unlimited bagels and cream cheese. This is not a good thing! As I was to discover later on our trip, this can be bested by bagels and nutella…. Also not a good discovery for me to make.

We did not spend much time in the town itself, but instead went up the Meadows in the Sky Parkway. A drive into the National Park and a short hike at the top. There is much more hiking you can do from the summit, but with a toddler and stroller, we are a bit limited. There is a shuttle from the carpark almost to the summit, but it stopped just before we got there in the late afternoon.

It was another beautiful day and our first view of the amazing mountains of the Rockies. The mountains were endless, or at least that is how they seemed.


I love this picture of Mikayla – “Mum do you have to take another photo?”. Hello 21st birthday!Revelstoke-4


Right on the summit is a Firetower, which was used as a lookout for fires in the mountains. The stick on top is to show how deep the snow is in Winter…. Yep, it gets completely covered!!


I love these glass-like ponds in the meadows.


A common warning at the start of hiking trails. However, the places we went were mostly too busy to see any wildlife at all, so we weren’t *lucky* enough to see bears on the trip at all.


On the way back down we stopped at the various lookout points. They were beautiful in the afternoon light…




One of the campsites – a gorgeous log cabin.


My standard fungus photo. One must be taken at each destination!!Revelstoke-9

This is a gorgeous drive and definitely worth it if you are there in summer or autumn. The road closes mid-October to mid-May.


Stay tuned for Lake Louise up next!!


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