Lake Louise and surrounds

I am afraid, my friends and readers, that this is going to be a long one. I contemplated doing a separate post for each lake, but decided that was going a bit far! Needless to say, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake were spectacular. And the tranquil Herbert Lake was just what I needed after the very busy time at the other lakes.

Moraine Lake was my favourite and we went there first. We went there first thing, as we were told parking was difficult. As it was, we still parked a short distance down the road from the carpark. This is Moraine Lake:

Lake Louise and Moraine-2

The tall mountains around the lake, mean that the sun takes quite a while to rise. We left before the entire lake was in sunlight, so I cannot be sure that the autumn / fall sun reaches all parts of the lake.

Lake Louise and Moraine-5

There were canoeists aplenty. For an exorbitant fee, you can rent a canoe and paddle around the lake. It might not be that exorbitant, but don’t forget, we’re cheap!

Lake Louise and Moraine-3

You might be by yourself in the vastness of the lake…

Lake Louise and Moraine-6

Or one of many. Note this one is taken in the sunshine…

Lake Louise and Moraine-9

Some proof we were actually there:

Lake Louise and Moraine-8

Lake Louise and Moraine

The reflections were nice, but I imagine they would be more spectacular on a stiller day.

Lake Louise and Moraine-7

How’s the serenity?

Lake Louise and Moraine-4

We moved on to Lake Louise next. And, we almost didn’t make it past the carpark. The place was out of control. The main carpark and overflow carparks were all full, as was the road up to the lake. If you ever plan on going there, consider not going on a Saturday when the weather is beautiful! I cannot even imagine what the place is like in summer.

Lake Louise and Moraine-11

We also went back the next morning, early, and the crowds were not even an issue. This may have also been to do with the rain showers…

Lake Louise and Moraine-19

Sad to say we did get a tacky tourist photo…

Lake Louise and Moraine-12

The view was worth it in the end:

Lake Louise and Moraine-13

You can have a wedding at Lake Louise or stay here starting at $375 per night. We looked it up when we were going, and two weeks out, prices started at about $600 per night… Not a bad backdrop for a wedding though.

Lake Louise and Moraine 2

Our last stop for the day was the tranquil Herbert Lake. There were two or three cars in the carpark and we barely saw another person. For this reason, I loved our stop here, even through the lake is less spectacular.

Lake Louise and Moraine-14

Lake Louise and Moraine-15

The lake is heavily wooded around the outside and much less touristy.

Lake Louise and Moraine-16

The colour of the water here was also a beautiful green, if you saw from the right direction.

Lake Louise and Moraine-18

I don’t know what these are, but I like them 🙂

Lake Louise and Moraine-17

Have you been to the Lake Louise area? What was your favourite thing?


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