The magic of snow

We recently headed back up to Grouse Mountain when we had friends visiting. And it was magic.

Grouse in Winter - WP-4

I have a thing about snow. It turns out, Mikayla does too…. She spent time crawling in the snow. Jumping in the snow. Pushing over snowmen in the snow. And… of course, making snow angels:

Grouse in Winter - WP-10Grouse in Winter - WP-3

It was a beautiful clear Autumn day, just after some great snowfall.

Grouse in Winter - WP

There is apparently a better snow base now on the Mountains in North Vancouver already, than there was at any point in the season last year. We are hoping for a good season!

Grouse in Winter - WP-13Grouse in Winter - WP-15

We were rugged up like it was Toronto in the depths of winter, but others thought the weather was balmy…?!

Grouse in Winter - WP-9

Our attempt at a snowman did not go that well. They are more difficult than you would think! But there were plenty of others to admire. And push over…

Did I mention there is a mini-ice rink at the top of the mountain?

Grouse in Winter - WP-2

Thanks Merryn for visiting us and encouraging us to go up and have another look at Grouse!!!

Grouse in Winter - WP-16

It turns out even the view is prettier with a little snow:

Grouse in Winter - FB-17


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