Our stay in Calgary was fairly uneventful. So much so, that I considered leaving it out of the blog. But I ended up having to include it because of one thing…. horses. Its not every city CBD that has multiple horse statues and gear shops in the main street!


And then more statues in front of the Municipal building:Calgary-10

We didn’t do that much in Calgary. A highlight of our stay was catching up with a friend of Chris’ from his cruise ship days.

Chris and I had a bit of a play on the Skyline Luge. If you ever do this, make sure you buy at least 3 rides. I found it became more fun as I got used to the contraption.


In Winter, the same park becomes a snow playground.


We wandered briefly around the city, although we did rush it a little. Pianos in streets seems to be a thing in Canada. Have I just missed this in Australia??


Planted flower baskets are another big thing in Canada. In Vancouver and Victoria they are common and beautiful. This is one we found in Prince’s Island Park.


This is Peace Bridge. It cost ~$24.5 million to build (according to Wiki)…. It seemed a little random, but I am sure it serves a purpose. It was one of the top things we were recommended “to do” in Calgary…


Up next is Drumheller, which was an unexpected highlight of our trip….


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