Drumheller – More than just dinosaurs

A few friends had recommended we drop in and see Drumheller. “See the dinosaurs” they said. I privately thought, “doesn’t sound very interesting”! It turns out, dinosaurs are interesting, but there is a lot more to Drumheller than just dinosaurs.

People talk about the drive between Calgary and Edmonton as being particularly boring. Which it would be, if you didn’t go via Drumheller. This is typical scenery of driving in the area:


Reminded me a little of central Victoria (Australia).

Then suddenly, you have this:


And this:


The Horse-shoe and Horse-thief Canyons are very cool. If you want to see a bit more, have a click through these:

We didn’t have time to go down to the Hoodoos, but we did make it to the Bleriot Ferry. Why not build a bridge you ask? I’m not entirely sure, but it is pretty cool regardless. We didn’t get to go across due to some poor driving directions on my part (oops!).


Our other big stops in Drumheller were the World’s Largest Dinosaur (turns out it is not only Australia that has “big” attractions) and the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

The Museum was much more interesting than you would guess. And would have been much more interesting if we didn’t have an un-interested toddler behaving very poorly with us. Oh well….

I should add, as well as the Canyons breaking up the fairly flat scenery, these little guys are very common (the oil thingy, not the fence post!).


Drumheller is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. It could make your drive from Calgary to Edmonton a lot more interesting.



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