West Edmonton mall

It has been a long time coming, but here is the continuation of our trip from last year!! Oops, I have let this get out of control!

The next stop on our trip was Edmonton. We didn’t actually see that much in Edmonton. Chris had a few meetings and I had a cold and felt pretty miserable! Going through the photos, I realised we may not not have even stopped in downtown. Oh well…

We did visit West Edmonton Mall a couple of times – and I don’t even like shopping. West Edmonton Mall once had the claim of being the world’s largest mall, but now, according to Wiki, it is down to number 16. Australia’s only shopping centre (mall) on the world’s top 100 by size is Chadstone, at number 68. Chadstone is approximately half the size of West Edmonton Mall. It didn’t feel much larger, but this is possibly because WEM has a water park and indoor amusement park and therefore perhaps actually no more shopping area.

One thing I have noticed in Canada, is that the shop facades tend to be fancier than I remember in Australia (but remember that I do not like shopping, so don’t hit the shops much!).

West Edmonton Mall-3

There is a mini aquarium (possibly the world’s smallest) called Marine life and a sea lion performance area. The show and aquarium are relatively cheap, so may be worth visiting if you have children. You can also watch the show for free from just outside the seated area if you get there early enough.

West Edmonton Mall

Chris spent some time at the World Waterpark – an indoor park with a wave pool and waterslides. I had a cold and therefore didn’t really feel like hurtling myself down waterslides and being splashed with water in the wave pool. There didn’t seem to be too many beginner to medium level watersides anyway (I’m a bit of a wuss!).

West Edmonton Mall-8West Edmonton Mall-9

Galaxyland is an indoor amusement park with a great kids play area and a reasonable number of rides. It was really quiet the day we went, meaning it really felt like it was missing atmosphere. We didn’t go on the rides, but the toddler loved the kids play area – and it was only $6 or so.

It makes total sense to have the park and waterpark indoors in Edmonton. This is a snapshot of today’s weather in January, and I don’t get the impression this is particularly cold for Edmonton!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.26.29 pm

Edmonton is the type of place you can get summer snow storms. The graph on this website suggests that it is typically even colder in winter. *Thankful we didn’t have to move there!*

There was also mini-golf, an ice skating rink and a random ship. Mikayla was very disappointed to be told she could not go on the ship. This seems to be mostly a party / hire venue. Amazingly, the first day we went to the Mall, there were cars in the centre area of the mall. The next visit… an ice rink. Apparently it gets covered up / pulled up intermittently.

If you’re in town, West Edmonton Mall is definitely worth a visit. You could spend days there if you visited all of the attractions. You would also spend lots of $$$! Have you been to WEM? What did you like best about it?


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