Wildlife…. or lack of it!

Bears? Nope

Moose? Nope

Beavers? Nope

Mountain goats? Nope

Porcupine, cougar, wolf? Nope, nope, nope!


The extent of our wildlife viewing on our Rockies trip:

One little bit of wildlife!



Oh, there were also two of these, near Kelowna

Random wildlife

Errrr…. anyone know what it is??


3 thoughts on “Wildlife…. or lack of it!

  1. It’s hard to tell, I’d say a Coyote maybe? I can’t believe you didn’t see much wildlife I see some every time I go for a drive. Even more so this year because of the warm weather we are having in my area.


    • Thanks for your reply! Could be a coyote (extensive research based on my googling coyote images…).
      I think we were just pretty unlucky not to see more wildlife. Two groups of friends who were in the Rockies in June and July respectively saw a few different things – both definitely saw bears. We were there in September, maybe a seasonal thing as the animals aren’t as hungry and foraging as widely by September?


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