Sun Peaks

We definitely are last minute kinda people. So a couple of weekends ago we decided to go to Sun Peaks – an inland ski resort – on the Tuesday two days later. We had previously been hesitant to drive up the infamous Coquihalla highway, which many Vancouverites talk about with trepidation and would not consider doing a winter trip in that direction. You can check out the highway cam at the summit here and the accident and road issues site here. But then, we talked to a few more people who think you can drive the Coq if you’re careful and say that Sun Peaks is better than Whistler. Big claim when Whistler is world famous! Because Whistler is a coastal resort, the snow is less reliable and wetter.

We arrived after a sunshine filled drive to a clear sunset at Sun Peaks. Our accommodation was basic, but nice enough and the only thing available last-minute. This was the view we had when we arrived.

Sun peaks

Sun peaks-9

This was the view (slightly different direction) for the next three days…!

Sun peaks-7

It snowed solidly for three days. Great, you say. Yes and no. The snow at the top of the mountain was amazing powder. Trouble is, mostly you couldn’t see anything. As the mountain is so high, there are few trees up the top. When there are no trees and a heavy fog, you have no idea where you are going. We managed one short, glorious run up the top of the mountain – Crystal Bowl – in the sun on Friday morning before it clouded in.

Our favourite skiing apart from Crystal Bowl was on Mt Morrisey. There were a bunch of easy intermediate runs where you could zip through the trees and have lots of fun.

Mikayla thrives in the snow. Loves it.

Sun peaks-2

Number 1 priority… making a snowman. Earlier in the season, we had tried making a snowman up on Grouse Mountain with old snow – using the body someone else had left behind. It looked like this:


Not great, although we did see some tourists taking a photo with it on the way back.

Need to know information about making snowmen:

  • Use fresh snow
  • They’re harder to build than you think they are
  • Must purchase carrot on way to snow

Here is what our Sun Peaks snowman looked like (fresh and after a days worth of snow – Mikayla couldn’t work out where his eyes and buttons had gone!):

We did enjoy some fun in the sun… on the day we left!

Sun peaks-20

Sun Peaks is ski-in ski-out, if your accommodation is in the right spot. There are snow walls everywhere and the roofs are covered with layers of snow. So much snow, so much fun!

The views are spectacular when it is sunny!

And if you are looking for real estate, look no further. The home shown just below is listed at just under $CA2million. Not sure about the fountain thing down the front, but the rest is definitely “liveable”!

Sun peaks-21

Just up the road from the other house is this one and was our favourite. We skied past the back of these houses to get to Mt Morrisey, so just had to go check them out!

Sun peaks-19

Would we recommend Sun Peaks?? Definitely. Great skiing, great restaurants, great daycare. Perhaps we’ll go back… but we tend to say that about everywhere we visit!!


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