Whistler at last!

We finally made it to Whistler on Friday for a day trip of skiing. It was a long day leaving home just after 6am and getting back at about 8pm, but totally worth it! We have visited Whistler twice before, but this was a our first day skiing. The views were magnificent on our gorgeous bluebird day. The snow was apparently a bit better earlier in the week, but we were not prepared to risk dense fog like we had at Sun Peaks.

Standing on Blackcomb Mountain, looking across at Whistler Mountain and the Black tusk behind that – we felt on top of the world!


Pity about the sun glare!


This was standing on Blackcomb looking in a generally northward direction, with the Horstman t-bar in the foreground.


The snow was not the powder we experienced at Sun Peaks, but once the sun had risen and the early morning ice had softened slightly, the snow was nice. The queues were generally not bad at all, surprising for a gorgeous day in the middle of spring break.

Please excuse the slightly strange grin I had on my face. I was battling it out with my neck thingy not to cover the rest of my face!


Below is the view of the Black tusk later in the day from Whistler peak. This photo was taken right at the top of an incredibly long run – Peak to Creek. Apparently 11 km or so long.  My legs were not thanking me!! The run was pretty busy due to the early afternoon closing of the alpine ski lifts and it went on.. and on… and on.


We covered lots of the mountain, using pretty much all blue runs. And although we took a chairlift 25 times (RFID data), we may have only done half of the blue runs and only a couple of blacks. Perhaps have to go back next season (cough, cough! Feel like I say that every post!). Our favourite run was Bear Paw, an easy black run we accidentally ended up on (we were aiming for the blue run the next over). Least favourite run: The Saddle. It is labelled as a blue run on Whistler Mountain, but by the end of the day when it has bumps and 100’s of people trying to move from another chair that is closing, it is torture. It is much steeper than either of the black runs we did and no fun at all!


We took a stroll through the village after our skiing – daycare goes until 6pm – woo hoo! We eked out almost every minute of her $99 day. She went to Teddy Bear Daycare, in case you were wondering and loved it! “Can I come back again tomorrow”?


And had a coffee and very lame cookie and cake.

2016-03-18 17.17.55

The drive along the Sea to Sky hwy was spectacular, as it often is. This drive never gets tired, especially on a blue sky day! This post has some sunset photos of another trip we took up the Sea to Sky -scroll to the bottom of the post to see.

Whistler Ski day-9




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