Spiral Tunnels, Yoho National Park

Would you believe me if I told you, the photo below depicts a frequently visited tourist destination? It doesn’t look very exciting on this photo, but this is the lower of the two spiral tunnels, along the trip between Lake Louise and Field. You can see the train in three places in the photo. This is the same, very long, train looping around.

Spiral tunnels

We were standing at the lower spiral viewing area (red oval on photo). The red straight lines (poorly) depict the train we could see. The blue line shows a much smaller version of the loop the train would actually do inside the mountain to go up, or down the steep grade. Click the link above to read about why, how and when these tunnels were created.

Spiral tunnels-2

You’d think that viewing a train here would be easy. Nope. There are approximately 30 trains each day, but no schedule. So unless you want to spend an hour or so waiting, there is no guarantee you will see a train. We were lucky on our trip back on this road. The funny thing about the tunnels is, that it is difficult to even work out where the tunnels start without a train to help you visualise, particularly the upper tunnels.

Should you stop off here on your drive? For sure. Should you wait around for ages? Probably only if you are particularly interested in trains.


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