Sicamous and Vernon

We didn’t stop at Sicamous on our first trip through. On our way back though, we stopped for ice-cream that this dairy in Sicamous is (somewhat) famous for.

Sicamous and Vernon-3

The fall (Autumn) decorations were out. Fall decorations are a big thing here in Canada. Some people will even have collections in their houses and a lot of people put pumpkins on their doorsteps.

Sicamous and Vernon-2

There is also a small farm with birds and calves which you can walk around and a tractor to sit on.

Sicamous and Vernon

In Vernon, we made a very quick stop in at Davidson Orchards.

Sicamous and Vernon-11

Pumpkins are also a really big thing here. I insulted a few people on Facebook by suggesting Canadians buy pumpkins in fall, but nobody eats them. I still stand by this statement! These large carving pumpkins are cheap and everywhere in Autumn. After it was suggested that I was wrong and people do do something else than carve their pumpkins, I decided to cook one. At $2.50 for a giant pumpkin, it is definitely a cheap meal / 10 meals! I made soup and also tried to eat the seeds. The soup was watery and somewhat flavourless (luckily I added Thai curry paste, but it still lacked the depth of flavour) and the seeds were… meh!

Sicamous and Vernon-4Sicamous and Vernon-5

There is lots of fun to be had at the Orchard for children. If you’re a foodie, there is a lot of great food inside to be taste-tested and bought as well.

We didn’t have enough time to drop in at the honey place also, but we didn’t have time disappointingly. As I keep saying…. maybe on another trip??!



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