We had a short stay in Kelowna as we headed home to North Vancouver. Kelowna is a beautiful country city, set on Okanagan lake. The weather was kind to us, as you can see from the photos, although it was already starting to get cold at the end of September.

This photo is from the Knox Mountain Park. You can hike up there or drive much of the way if you prefer. It is a great way to see the lie of the city and the lake of course.



It still amuses me how many Canadians comment on the dangerous animals in Australia…. these signs are common anywhere in BC and Alberta there are walking tracks.


The lakeside parks around the city centre itself were beautiful, helped along by the gorgeous, sunny weather.




We spent our day at Myra Canyon Adventure Park and Myra Canyon railway trestles – two really great outings new Kelowna. There were also lots of great eateries in town.




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