Myra Canyon railway trestles

One of the great outings we had in Kelowna, was the Myra Canyon railway trestles.

Myra canyon trestles-2

The story goes something like this… To get the railway past this big canyon, they could not go straight through due to the steep inclines. The railway was built in the early 1900’s around the inside of the canyon, a distance of over 5 miles, instead of the 1 mile across. There are two tunnels and 18 trestle bridges if you do the entire canyon. The trains stopped running here in 1972, and restoration for use as a hiking and biking trail started in 1992. Fires in 2003 destroyed many of them. Luckily by this time it was a popular and recreational activity and this combined with historical value led to their rebuilding. You can read more about their history here and see some pictures of the fires hereMyra canyon trestles-7

We did our walk on a sunny, but cold morning in early October, 2015. We didn’t expect it to be as cold as it was, but anywhere the sun hadn’t touched still had ice on it. We walked due to the pram / stroller and toddler, but I would highly recommend riding this trail, so you could see the whole thing. There is a mobile hire place at the start of the trail (check with them for availability).

Myra canyon trestles-8

Colder than it looked from the sunshine? Yep!

Myra canyon trestles-5

The trestles themselves are impressive structures. To think they were originally built in the early 1900’s without the aid of modern technology?!

Myra canyon trestles-10

The tunnels also would have taken a lot of work.

Myra canyon trestles-9

The other enjoyable parts of the walk were the colours of Autumn / Fall and a chipmunk or two. I particularly loved the red of the leaves below. The autumn leaves in BC are typically yellows and oranges. Apparently Autumn is much more impressive across the country in the east, so I was thrilled to find some brilliant colours up here, event if only in a bush or two.


If you’re in Kelowna, this walk or ride is definitely worth the effort if you are interested in exercise, history or sightseeing in general (likely covers most travellers!). Enjoy.


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