North Vancouver Night Markets

Summer is fast approaching in Vancouver, with the weather recently changing from wet and cold to sunny and warm. With Summer come the night markets in North Vancouver, every Friday night from May through September. They are held at the Shipyards, on the waterfront.

NV Night Markets

I might have already told you about how glorious Vancouver is throughout the summer. Or at least how glorious our one summer here was. Last year the weather mostly ranged from 20 to 25°C (68-77F) with long, bright, sunny days. Its no wonder that Vancouverites emerge from their homes once Winter is over.

NV Night Markets-3NV Night Markets-2

The Markets consist of about 50% food trucks and the food trucks are busy. You can usually tell the best ones by the long line of people waiting for food. But sometimes, this just means poor service :/. There is a decided lack of anywhere to sit and eat your food when it is busy. And it is busy, anytime from June onwards. All of the photos here are from June last year and the markets continued to get busier into July and August.

NV Night Markets-4

Some of the Market stalls are inside and some are outside and have a range of arts, crafts, clothing and food. I picked up a cheap, hand-knitted scarf thing last year which I loved until I lost it about 2 months later. Hopefully, they’ll be back this year!

NV Night Markets-5NV Night Markets-6

The band changes every week and ranged from below average to good to rarely, very good. This little one loved the music, but increasingly wanted me to dance with her – not something you want to see!

NV Night Markets-8NV Night Markets-7

Do you have night markets near you? Give them a shout out if you do. I will be keen to find some in Melbourne when we get back!


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