Juneau – Mendenhall glacier

We recently went on a cruise to Alaska to celebrate Chris’ 40th birthday (shhh, don’t tell him I told you!). It is a cruise Chris had done many times before when he worked on cruise ships. For some reason, he wanted to do it again.

The cruise left from Vancouver and visited Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan, as well as stopping in at Glacier Bay for a look.

Our cruise started off very rainy. Here is the view from the Seabus on the way to the cruise-ship.


Our ship was the smaller one on the right – MS Nieuw Amsterdam.


We were then lucky enough to have a 4+ hour wait to get on the ship – thanks Holland- America! Staff were blaming customs and the fact another ship was in port. Trouble is, our apartment has views of Canada Place (where the ships leave from) and there are usually 2 or 3 ships docking in a day. Lunch ended up being at 5.30pm!

After a full day of cruising, we arrived in Juneau to low cloud and light rain. The locals were ecstatic about how great the weather was… hmmm…. I decided to go whale watching and to Mendenhall glacier on a photo safari.

On the way to Mendenhall, we took a short hike through a rainforest to look for photo opportunities

Juneau rainforest

The rainforest was very pretty and the sun decided to shine for some of the walk.


The hike regularly passes signs indicating where the glacier was over the past century. Much of this rainforest is less than 100 years old and the glacier is receding at an alarming rate (2.5km in the last 60 years).


On the photo safari, we didn’t get as much time at the glacier as I would have liked. The rest of the family came to the Mendenhall glacier on a basic bus tour, and were able to walk along the walkway (seen in the bottom left), over to the waterfalls (bottom right) and into the visitor centre.


The glacier was beautiful and we were lucky enough to get a bit of blue sky as we approached, just before we were rained on again!



Finally at the end of our tour, the sun came out and burnt off the last of the clouds shrouding the mountains, leaving us with a beautiful evening.



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