Glassblowing in Skagway

As you have hopefully been reading, at the start of June, we went on a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska. We stopped in port at Juneau for the Mendenhall glacier, whale watching and the tramcar, Skagway and Ketchikan.

For my tour in Skagway, I tried the non-conventional route. I probably should have headed up on the train ride with the rest of the family, but to be honest, I expected it to be raining and the views terrible. It was a beautiful day – you live and learn!

Glassblowing - skagway-4

This was an enjoyable activity. We were able to take part in making a glass ball. The glass-maker did the tricky parts (i.e.: most of it, they were really just pretending we were making it;)). It would have been great to see him make something special to demonstrate.

Glassblowing - skagway-6Glassblowing - skagway-12

The tools weren’t fancy!

Glassblowing - skagway-3

We were able to choose the colours and design of our glass ball. I chose the “feather” design in red and white. My decision making took forever and even so I am not sure I am happy with what I chose (story of my life)! And I have to wait till we get back to Australia to see it, since it got shipped straight there.

Glassblowing - skagway-2

And to finish with, me in my  very trendy blue (fire retardant) lab-coat! Click on any to view it larger (or don’t – its not very glam!!).


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7 thoughts on “Glassblowing in Skagway

    • Yep it was pretty good. I’ve watched the pros doing it a couple of times before in various tourist spots in Australia. Might be worth looking up when you go on holidays in the future?


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