The signs and sirens of Skagway

Skagway is a tourist town in a beautiful setting. It is nestled between mountains and the blue, blue ocean. The view we woke up to from the morning we arrived was spectacular. Here is the view from the front of our ship:

Signs and sirens 2

We were incredibly lucky to have a beautiful blue sky day. The rest of the family chose to go on the train ride through the mountains, which I should also have done. I didn’t expect the weather to be anything like this good!

After our morning activities of glass blowing and train ride, we wandered around town and to Yakutania Point. This photo is looking up to Nakhu Bay from Yakutania Point. Skagway seems to be great place to do some hiking if you are in town for more than a day – or some short hikes if you are only there for a cruise day.

Signs and sirens-14

Dot contemplating the scenery on our way to Yakutania Point…

Signs and sirens-13

The main street has tons of character, but is incredibly touristy. Jewellery (spelt jewelry) and T-shirt shops, followed by junk and expensive tourist shops selling souvenirs, art and photography and a small number of food shops. Chris commented that the feel of Skagway has changed a lot since the 15 or so years ago he was here last, and not for the better. There were 3 or 4 ships in dock the day we arrived and the streets crawl with tourists (us!!). Driving around is something of a challenge!

Signs and sirens

This girl was trying to convince us to come in to the show – luring us with legs, kisses and cat-calls! I can’t even imagine having as much personality as these girls have!

Signs and sirens-6

Click on any of these photos from in and around the Skagway town to view larger. There were lots of interesting signs and building frontages in Skagway. There were a couple of particularly interesting signs, one of which I have already posted about here.

Signs and sirens-8

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