Ketchikan was the last stop on our Vancouver to Alaska cruise in June. I enjoyed our walking around Ketchikan, it has a nice character, once you look past the inevitable touristy nature.

Creek street is one of the iconic historic streets of Ketchikan. Just after these photos were taken, it absolutely pelted down with rain, forcing us into the tourist shops, where we did end up purchasing some souvenirs.


As you can tell, the weather on the day we were in Ketchikan was a bit sketchy, though still warmish (approx 20C / 68F). But the rain is common in Ketchikan, as in Skagway and Juneau. The yearly rainfall in Ketchikan is approximately 3900mm per year! For comparison, Melbourne has approx 650mm / Vancouver is 1200mm – both of these cities are considered to have rainy weather!

Ketchikan is a really cute town. Though very touristy – of course!


Here were a few of the sights around town: Click on any of the images to view larger

Ketchikan is on an island just north of the coastal Alaska / BC border. Ketchikan hugs the very edge of the island, kept there by terrain and the important trades – tourism and fishing. This tunnel in the middle of the CBD / downtown area gives an indication of how quickly the mountains rise from the sea (I am standing next to the docks). And you’ll also notice #2 of the 1 million* USA flags in Ketchikan.

*Number based on my estimates from walking the streets for 1-2 hours

Ketchikan 2

If you look carefully, you can see the tunnel in the middle right of this photo, amongst the greenery.

Ketchikan from the ship

Chris and I finally did an onshore activity together. Sea kayaking saw us gearing up in some more glamorous gear (another onshore activity I did, glass blowing, had me looking like this).

Ketchikan - paddling-4

The kayak was fun and I would definitely recommend it. It was by far the cheapest activity I did ($89USD). We saw seals/sea lions, eagles, star-fish and a jelly-fish and managed to get some light exercise in.


If you are interested in reading about any of the other places we visited on the cruise, you can check out Juneau (Mendenhall glacier and whale watching and the tramcar) and Skagway (sights and glass blowing and flowers).

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