Chihuly bridge of glass and Tacoma

Talk about a surprise! This place is definitely worth a visit if you are in Seattle. The first day of our west coast trip took us from Vancouver to Tacoma (not very far!!). We checked out the bridge and marina area, as well as the gardens I have already posted about very briefly here and here. There will be more to come from the gardens, cos we all know how much I love flowers!!


This bridge has amazing glass sculptures in the roof as above and in a wall with individual pieces – there are couple down the bottom.

There is also a museum of glass, but we didn’t get any further than the gift shop.

Some of the pieces in the wall on the bridge were just amazing, but here were a couple of my favourites that photographed well….



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5 thoughts on “Chihuly bridge of glass and Tacoma

    • Well I had no idea Chihuly was a person!! Turns out I should not have been quite as surprised as I was by this bridge. I can’t believe we have missed the Chihuly Garden and Glass (another installation) on our various trips to Seattle!! I’ll have to look out for them in other cities now.


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