San Francisco

I found San Francisco a bit dreary, but I suspect that was mostly the weather. SF is known for its foggy weather and our stay was no exception. We would wake up to beautiful weather at our accommodation half an hour south of downtown, then drive to an overcast and dreary city for the day…. not inspiring! Looking back at the photos, we did see some great things, so I suspect it was mostly the weather making me feel this way.


I have already posted about our visit to Chinatown in SF and will have an upcoming post on Alcatraz, when Chris gets around to writing it!

We waited about an hour for the Cable Cars at Fisherman’s wharf, listening to a great busker. The cable car was fun, although getting back to our car was a bit of an ordeal. We took a bit of a walk, then tried to catch public transport back… it took a while!

We very quickly checked out Nordstrom which is at the other end of the Powell-Hyde line cable car. We spent most of our time there admiring the curvy escalators. And no, we didn’t buy anything, because we just don’t do shopping!

The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre is great for a walk around the gardens and the ridiculously extravagant pretend ruins. This was built in the 1900s.

We also checked out Lombard street (a bit of a novelty, but not that exciting): Yep its a zig-zaggy street!


And of course, the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Or should I call it the Foggy Gate Bridge?


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8 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. LOL yeah I live in SF for 5 years during my college years. I know how you feel. My coldest summers are in SF, and Autumn is mostly cloudy/windy/rainy. Because of the position by the sea, no matter how cold it goes, we never get snow :/


    • I was not aware the weather in Autumn in SF is typically cloudy/windy/rainy. I think I assumed that it is in California, so the weather must be good and sunny… not quite realising how big California is!


      • Yeah no. For some reasons because SF is by the sea and downtown SF has a lot of tall buildings, the wind comes strong and hard with rain. I give up having/using umbrella and just invest in thick layers, weather proof long coat.

        Best of luck in your trip though 😀 if ever the weather be too much, maybe a hot cocoa in little Italy or Ghirardelli will warm you and your family up

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