Vegas baby!

Those who know me, might be surprised to hear I / we enjoyed Las Vegas. It is a fun place to look around and take photos. We didn’t: go to a strip club, get a lap dance, see a show, buy anything (no surprises there!). We just wandered the streets, looked around and happened to meet up with a good friend there on business.


The place is essentially one giant movie set. Everything looks amazing and just a little bit fake. As soon as you head a block or two off the “strip”, there are empty lots and derelict buildings. Go a bit further and you have the suburbs.

Click on any of the collage photos below for a closer look.

Gotta love a desert sunset!


Whether you want Paris, New York or Venice, you can find it here!



The M & M shop is worth going to just for the smell – they must pipe in the chocolate smell to make you buy, buy, buy. (PS: M&Ms are cheaper at Walmart, get them there :P)

This was Mikayla’s favourite building:


A few of the details…..



What did you do or see in Vegas?

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4 thoughts on “Vegas baby!

  1. We live in Vegas and rarely go to the strip. But two years ago I decided it would be a good exercise to shoot all the hotels on the strip and I did. Unfortunately they were all shot during the day. The second part of my plan was to shoot all the hotels at night but so far I’ve only done 3; Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, and Paris. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish. I hate going down to the strip but I enjoyed your images. Next time you come visit, check out Fremont Street. Or I can direct you to other, lesser known sites that you might find interesting.


    • We did check out Fremont street, but for some reason I did not take my camera there. I liked the street buskers / artists and the zip-lines were fun. I think there is a reasonable chance we will go back there, as a landing pad to get to some of the desert sights. I will have to remember to explore more broadly 🙂


      • When you’re here, if you have a car, go out to Nelson NV about 1 hour from the strip, and Oatman AZ which is about another hour past that. For hiking, try my favorite, Red Rock Canyon, though I believe Valley of Fire is more popular and definitely more dramatic.


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