Going to the park in Winter

The last time we were in Kelowna was in April earlier this year. It was a beautiful sunny and super-warm 18C (64F). The Kelowna-ites were out in force – we struggled to get a parking spot at one of the parks south of downtown (Gyro Beach Park). There were people  having barbecues, playing on the playground and swimming – don’t forget this is a place where it snows nearby and it is only April (so the water would have been cold).

Fast forward 7 months, and this is what you get at playgrounds all around Kelowna – nobody!


There are a surprisingly large amount of footprints around when you compare it to other playgrounds, but it had been a week or so since it snowed when these were taken.

These photos make it look kinda bleak, but it was actually pretty nice, while rugged up in ski gear! Temps are about -10C (14F).



Flying fox anyone?

There is a narrow strip of ice around the outside the outside, but the lake itself is definitely not frozen…




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