Top 16 of 2016

Here is an assortment of my favourite photos from this year, although I am not entirely sure if they are the best of this year – its too hard to choose! If I were to do this again, it is likely I would come up with a list that is at least 50% different! There are a bunch of photos from our long USA trip that have not made it to the blog yet (and therefore have not chosen my favourites), so they are going to have to be in 2017’s list.

This one definitely comes in at number 1:

After that, you can decide which is your favourite!! Click on one of the photos below to click through a slideshow – it doesn’t do them justice to look at them small.

Here are the link to the blog posts each of these photos is from – left to right, top to bottom.

Sunset at Crescent City

Alaskan garden flowers -Jewell gardens

The bee and the flower and some others at Point Defiance Park

Whatcom Falls Park

Spring flowers #2 and some related posts for the flower lovers @ Spring flowers, Spring flowers #3, Spring flowers #4 and Spring flowers #5.

Valley of Fire – soon to be posted!!

Going to the park in Winter

Beautiful morning silhouette

Juneau – whale watching and the tramcar


Sun Peaks

Church in Kelowna – soon to be posted!

Moon Festival, Chinatown, SF

Which one is your favourite?? – I’d love to see your best / favourite from the last year too – add a link in the comments if it is online.




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