Cedar Breaks National Monument

Before embarking on our big USA trip in Autumn, a wise friend of ours (hello Wendy!) recommended we should stop in and see any National Monuments we could. We discovered while we were away the National monument is code for “Will be a LOT less busy than National Parks”. They also have a little less Wow-factor, but (in our experience) are spectacular in their own right. The other bonus is that your National parks card gets you in.

In particular, Wendy recommended we visit Cedar breaks. Cedar breaks is 10,000 feet above sea level and we were lucky enough to find a dusting of snow when we got there!


The canyon as a whole is pretty great, but when you look at the rock formations and hoodoos the details are spectacular.


Then on the way out of the monument we came across this one stand of Aspens. The colour was so vibrant!


What is your favourite National monument or Park (in whichever country you are in!)? Where should we visit next?


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